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Dog training Centre ‘Asantiko’ (Ukraine) is offering elite puppies of different breeds.
-The Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed is the main area of the Centre. There are more than 300 puppies available, their parents are brought from China.
The puppies parents are multiple winners of the Championships in Ukraine and other countries.
-Sredneasitskaia shepherd
- Kavkazskaia shepherd
- Belgian shepherd dog malinois
- Amerikan akita
- Alaskan malamute
- Newfoundland
- Welsh corgi pembrok
- Chow-chow
- English bulldog
- French bulldog
- Pekinese
- Shih tzu
- Maltese
- German spitz (pomeranian)
- Yorkshire terrier
- Chihuahua
Large selection of puppies (over 1000)
Worldwide shipping
We are interested in concluding long term agreements with Dog training organizations, clubs and private persons to present interests of Dog Centre ‘Asantiko’ in other countries.
The representative’s tasks:
- search of potential buyers
- support of purchase / sale contracts (shipping logistics, meeting the veterinary import requirements, financial arrangements with the buyers and other issues, arising during the contract implementation)
Our contacts:
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098593
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098594
Asia, Africa
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098568
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